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"Aquaculture, not the Internet, represents the most promising investment opportunity of the 21st Century."

- Peter Drucker, Management Expert & Economist


Chinese BioMar JV inaugurates new production line and warehouse

The Joint-Venture between the Danish BioMar Group and the Chinese Tongwei Group took another important step, when they Friday morning inaugurated a new production line for extruded feed and a new warehouse at the Haiwei plant in Southern China.

BioMar Group was represented at the inauguration by Henrik Aarestrup, Vice President Emerging Markets and Niels Alsted, Vice Chairman of the board BioMar-Tongwei.

"The new extruder line is part of an upgrade of the factory where we have replaced older equipment with more efficient technology. Together with our Chinese partner Tongwei we want to continue the growth of Haiwei and that requires a series of upgrades and also a new large warehouse. Altogether it will make us more flexible towards the customers and allow for continued growth", explained Henrik Aarestrup.

He informed that BioMar-Tongwei has had a good start of the year at the plant, which continues the growth experienced in the last couple of years: "We expect to sell around 60,000 tons this year. We have a very strong team headed by our General Manager Mr. Liu in place in Haiwei, and they have already more than doubled their sales in the last three years."

The Haiwei factory is located in the Pearl River Delta in an area with a large production of, among other species, Japanese Sea Bass and and Snakehead.

"We estimate, that the farmers represented at the inauguration lunch all together annually produces more than 200,000 tons of fish, so we still have room for growth with Haiwei", said Henrik Aarestrup.

The aquaculture production in the Pearl River Delta is competing with a fast urban development. "Access to water and space suitable for fish farming is an increasing challenge. Our knowhow in high performance environmentally friendly diets will therefore become more relevant in the years to come and we have already initiated several development projects targeting the species grown in the Delta area", concluded Henrik Aarestrup.

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