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"Aquaculture, not the Internet, represents the most promising investment opportunity of the 21st Century."

- Peter Drucker, Management Expert & Economist


Norwegian group to build massive Land-based salmon farm in US

Norwegian group, Nordic Aquafarms, plans to construct a 33,000-metric ton landbased salmon farm in Belfast, Maine, which would make it one of the largest land-based salmon farms in the world.

Nordic Aquafarms is already the majority shareholder in Sashimi Royal, which produces land-based hiramasa kingfish in Denmark.

The company plans to construct the farm in several phases, but it will ultimately produce 33,000 metric tons annually.The project will involve total capital investments of € 362.6 to € 402.9 million by the time it is complete. The first phase will involve investments of up to € 120.9 million.

The facility will be vertically integrated, including hatcheries and fish processing. The first phase will allow for some 13,000 metric tons production capacity

Largest shareholders in Nordic Aquafarms are the RasmussenGroup, with a 28.8 percent shareholding, Bjørn Erling Knappskog with 17.8 percent, Bard Eker with 13.7 percent, the Bøckmann family with 14.6 percent and Taluma Invest, controlled by the Wilhelmsen family, with a 6.9 percent share.

Sundt, controlled by siblings Helen and Christian Sundt, also owns a small share as well, and Sundt is also one of the largest shareholders in Atlantic Sapphire, owning Landbased Langsand Laks in Denmark and which is constructing a massive land-basedsalmon farm in Florida.

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