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"Aquaculture, not the Internet, represents the most promising investment opportunity of the 21st Century."

- Peter Drucker, Management Expert & Economist


New stationary ocean farm will be 430m long.

Nordlaks has signed an agreement with Chinese yard CIMC Raffles to build a 430m long, 54m wide aquaculture ship.

The ship, designed by NSK Ship Design in partnership with Nordlaks, is the first of two planned 'Havfarms' (ocean farms). The first stationary Havfarm will be located south west of Hadseløya in Nordland, Norway, an area that up until now has been impossible to utilise for aquaculture.

Inge Berg, founder and CEO of Nordlaks, said: "The aim is to be ready for the first stocking of salmon in the Havfarm during spring 2020. The Havfarms will contribute to a further sustainable development of the aquaculture industry in Norway, and we are very pleased that we are now moving a big step closer to realization."

10,000t of salmon

One Havfarm will be able to contain 10,000t of salmon - over 2m fish.

The facilities will be able to withstand a wave height of 10m and can be raised by 4m. The ocean farm itself will extend 10m below sea level and will lay at anchor, fixed to the seabed.

The farm will be constructed as a steel frame for six 'cages' measuring 50m by 50m on the surface, with aquaculture nets going to a depth of 60m.

NSK Ship Design stated on its website that the depth of the farm will remove the problem of sea lice.

It said: "When the Havfarm lays at anchor, the spreading area for waste products will be 27 times larger than it would be for ordinary pens, a massive 472,000 square metres. To the extent lice may appear on the salmon, the farm can facilitate the manual removal of sea lice.

"This also provides a totally chemical-free production. The use of chemicals to remove lice has been a much-debated environmental issue, and has been a major expense for the industry as well."

Source: WorldFishing

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