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"Aquaculture, not the Internet, represents the most promising investment opportunity of the 21st Century."

- Peter Drucker, Management Expert & Economist


Aller Aqua to build new fish-feed processing plant in Zambia

Aller Aqua is teaming with Zambian company Yalelo Fisheries for the construction of a $10 million fish feed plant in Siavonga.

As a way of increasing fish production, Yalelo Fisheries in partnership with Aller Aqua will this month embark on the construction of a US$10million fish-feed plant in Siavonga.

The fish-feed plant will have a total production capacity of 50,000 tonnes.

Yalelo Fisheries director Fisho Mwale said in an interview that the plant will help scaling up the production of fish-feed in the country.

"We are in partnership with one of the top Danish fish-feed producers. A Chinese manufacturer is helping us set up the plant.One of the biggest drawbacks in the aqua-culture sector in the country is the non-availability of top quality fish-feed. The demand for high quality fish-feed in the country is high but the production is low. The production of quality fish-feed is not enough to meet the demand for the commodity"

Yalelo has already set up a hatchery which is expected to be producing 40 million fingerlings per year.
The plant is anticipated to contribute to the increase in fish fingerlings production.

"We are confident that surplus production from the two facilities will service other aqua-culture producers in the country. This will eventually contribute to the increment in fish production which is necessary to reduce the fish deficit in the country" Fisho Mwale said

Currently, Zambia has a fish deficit of about 58,000 tonnes.


Source: Zambia Daily Mail.
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