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"Aquaculture, not the Internet, represents the most promising investment opportunity of the 21st Century."

- Peter Drucker, Management Expert & Economist


CADET: Recirculated climate change resilient shrimp farm in Vietnam

VIDATEC ( a cluster of Danish companies trying to penetrate the Vietnamese market for aquaculture equipments) is about to finalise a recirculated shrimp farm in Ben Tre province of Vietnam.
Officially the CADET was inaugurated (actually re-inaugurated, as the old farm has been extensively modified) Saturday May 21st at the attendance of the Danish Ambassador to Vietnam. Still some minor adjustment are remaining before the facility will be stocked.

The main idea for this modern shrimp farm is to keep every thing clean to avoid diseases. As a RAS system uses very little water (2-5 % make-up water/day) it pays off to take care of the inlet-water. This is done by having a sedimentation pond from which water is taken to an 'inlet-water-treatment-facility. Here the water will be treated by mechanical filtering, ozonation and UV-treatment. After treatment water is stored in a reservoir-pond for later distribution to the nursery and the grow-out compartments.

The nursery will receive Post Larvae (PL's) at the age of PL-2 and grow them to PL-25/30 in a RAS raceway-system with moving bed biofiltration.

When the PL has reached PL-25/30 they will be transferred to grow-out ponds, of which 2 in in-door and 2 is out-door.

All four grow-out ponds are equipped with moving-bed biofilters (nitrification) and fixed-bed biofilters (removal of particles).

Reservoir for treated inlet-water. UV-equipment from Danish UltraAqua.

See some more photos from the farm and from the inauguration her

See press coverage here:

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