Danish companies, institutions, fish farmers, organisations and other stakeholders with an interest in recirculation technologies within the aquaculture sector has formed the association AquaCircle.


Fødevareministeriet,  Direktoratet for FødevareErhvervEU-KommissionenAquaCircle is supported by

The Danish Ministry of Food
The EU-Commission
The European Fisheries Fund

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Fully recirculated inhouse aquaculture facilities is a reality. Properly best known to the general public is the production of salmon smolts, where recirculated tehcnologies isare implemented from incubation through hatchery, weaning and on-growing to the smoltification. Above - a view into the weaning department.

Species like Yellowtailed Kingfish, Tilapia, Mulloway, Bluefinned Tuna, Merluza, Eel, Halibut, Turbot, Sole, Barramundi, Oysters, Sturgeon, Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Cod, Arctic Char, Grouper, Pike-perch, Trout, Prawns, Abalones, Catfish and more are all raised in Danish designed recirculated aquaculture facilities all over the world.