Danish companies, institutions, fish farmers, organisations and other stakeholders with an interest in recirculation technologies within the aquaculture sector has formed the association AquaCircle.


Fødevareministeriet,  Direktoratet for FødevareErhvervEU-KommissionenAquaCircle is supported by

The Danish Ministry of Food
The EU-Commission
The European Fisheries Fund

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Danish Recirculation Technology -the future of Aquaculture now!

AquaCircle is the Danish Industrial Innovation Network dedicated to recirculated aquaculture and technologies involved in this expanding and constantly border-breaking food-producing sector..

Companies in the AquaCircle association are foremost global suppliers of path-breaking technologies, equipment, management and training for fully recirculated farming - of fish, crustaceans, bivalves, molluscs, echinoderms and other aquatic organisms.
RAF - in closed circuits, almost without the nedd of water, bringing you in control of all parameters, sustainability with build-in traceability, fullfilling todays and future environmental and customer demands, securing your returns of investments and the dayly yield.

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